Hidden Object - Autumn Harvest

Hidden Object - Autumn Harvest 1.0.3

The latest of our successful hidden object series of games

In Hidden Object - Autumn Harvest, you will have to leaf through many situations to find all of the hidden objects and complete each puzzling level. The latest of our successful hidden object series of games, Autumn Harvest is full of beautiful countryside scenes and features skilfully hidden items that will have you coming back time and again.

The game also offers lots of flexibility in terms of its gameplay, so players can easily enjoy it in a number of ways, whether they are playing in the spring, summer, winter or autumn. For example, the leafy puzzle game can be played in 'Campaign Mode' in which players challenge themselves to complete the on hundred-level map. Each of the levels is beautifully designed with autumnal colours and – as you might expect – offers an increasing amount of difficulty at each turn. In this mode, players search for hidden objects using a number of methods and play timed levels with some fun bonus rounds thrown in for good measure.

In 'Free Play' mode, you are able to choose exactly how you would like to seek out the hidden objects. For instance, gamers can look for items by their picture or shape, in the form of a silhouette. Alternatively, you can look for the word of an object or choose to play with a random combination of each. In free play, casual rounds are the order of the day with no clock ticking down adding to the pressure.

Key features of Hidden Object - Autumn Harvest

  • Zoom in and pan around the beautiful high definition images within the game by simply tapping on the search objects to enlarge them.

  • By using coins, which are earned during the various levels, more game content can be unlocked.

  • Players can try the 'Daily Reward' to earn bonus coins.

  • Extra coins can be earned by playing the in-game 'Match 3' puzzle or by taking on 'Memory Mini Games'.

  • Hints are available when needed.

  • Alter your avatar.

  • Purchase option that hides all ads.

  • Chance to buy more coins.
  • Hidden Object - Autumn Harvest


    Hidden Object - Autumn Harvest 1.0.3

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